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words chain melody

for the pain of falling rain
an umbrella to avoid the rain
i couldn't prepare
like a fool;
여우비 (Fox Rain) - 동방신기;

Friday, June 26, 2009
steph alone is better than all of them together~ @ 6:31 PM

So there’s this guy who really wants me to rip his throat.

He said he’s an anti-CSJH from Philippines… and guess what? He is a SONE.

You obtuse creatures just won’t stop, will you? Why are you still supporting the nine living brainless plastic dolls, and mock other artists which are FAR MORE TALENTED than SoShit? Are you blind, retarded, insane or what?

You said that Stephanie date Yunho to gain more popularity. Are you nuts? Most of netizens don’t even know that they’re dating! There are many Shapley who just knew Steph and Yun are together and if I never told them, maybe they won’t know this at all. And before they knew it, they’re fans of CSJH already! See, CSJH are famous because of their voice and moves, not scandal. Not like Shitdae.

You also think her dance is like a stripper’s. Ha, don’t make laugh. She does her sexy moves with skill, you know. Hers are smooth, wavy and flexible, not every people in the earth do hip hop dance! And your mind is just too full with Shitdae’s not-so-impressive and supposed-to-be-cute-but-not dances. Even my friends who are dancers could do better than Shitdae. Those nine residues were helped by their repetitive songs (and repetitive songs are originally Wonder Girls’ mark, actually), simple dances (you better thank the choreographer) and the power of LSM.

And so what if Stephanie posed for Maxim? She is a legal, anyways! Are you afraid that your Soshit could never be as sexy as her? As beautiful, slender, well-mannered, talented and original like her? I bet you are. You’re afraid that people will like CSJH more than those morons. FYI, they already are. CSJH often wear sexy outfits when they perform, and you said that they sell their bodies to look sexy so people will like them. Hune, the first CSJH’s MV is My Everything, and I fell in love with them since then. They don’t have to wear verrry short pants or what to make people turn their gazes on them, hell no. When they put on those sexy costumes on stage they never show any panties, not like your Shitdae. Shitdae are nothing more than pedo-baits created by SME.

Even if all the nine gather their talents together, still not even touch the border of Steph’s own, alone.

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hello there, enemy! @ 4:56 AM


I mean, really sucks.

I have many fanfics to be written. The rough plots are there but I just dunno how to ‘transform’ them into words. Writer’s block sucks! Why?! Why now?! *screams* I was able to write Yoosu fluff in 2hours but after that… the shallow mind of mine doesn’t work anymore.

I don’t want to be in hiatus, it sucks even more.

Just in case you’re wondering what are the plots…
- A 9095 fancam fic, uke!Yun, with angry Jae wants him as private dancer/personal gigolo.
- A dramatic Jaeho break-up, Jae will forgive Yunho if he gets on top.
- A Jaeho smut with Min (accidentally) watching it.
- A smut sequel to my previous Yoosu fluff

Well, I thought I can finish all of them this week but this damned writer’s block came and… so… yeah.



Wednesday, June 24, 2009
well, another thoughts.. @ 8:50 PM

I don’t like Super Junior like I used to.

These days I’m very much into DBSK more than any other artists, I dunno why. Of course there are still many CassiElf, which means they are both fans of DBSK and SJ, but me… I consider myself as Cassie only.

I just don’t know what’s so good in SJ that make them more popular from DBSK now. I mean, from their first and second album, I don’t think they have any good song to be compared to DBSK’s. I began to like their music since the 3rd Album Sorry, Sorry and that’s for real. But also it’s very much because they sing more catchy and easy songs, not because they have right skill to make uncatchy ones good to hear. As for DBSK… hell, they can sing a six-minutes-long song without me getting bored of it. And as a plus, they wrote or composed many songs which people like by themselves.

And I’m tired of Jungsoo’s whines such as “… it’s lonely, right?” or “I’m an angel who lost his wings” etc. Oh, come on. Have you ever been to Japan and working for four years of pains and when finally you got to go to Tokyo Dome, another boyband which isn’t as good and hardworking as you will also go to there? The best thing of DBSK, as I learned to get to know them better, is they’re all hardworkers as if they were made from steel. They never complain and whine. They didn’t say “I feel lonely and tired,” or “I need a break, me and my bandmates are tired,” several months after their success, HELL FUCKING NO. They continued to bury their heads and butts in work, work, and more work. They supported each other when they’re on fall, and they cried on each other’s shoulder when they succeeded. Their tears were made by pains, hardwork, and grateful joy in the end.

Jungsoo was voted as best leader, Taeyeon number two (ohfuck) and our Yunnie bear in the third place. But for me, Jung U-Know Yunho is the best leader and man alive.

And nothing would change that.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009
nuts~ @ 10:50 PM

SNSD: So Nuts Shit Die
SONE: So Obtuse No Etiquette

Oh no, darling, you won’t know how much I hate you guys (and gals).

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009
they are geniuses @ 2:57 PM

I’m bored. And I want to write something. And somehow I ended up writing the songs which are composed/written by DBSK. They’re such genius asses, in singing, dancing, making music and all. Even Changminnie is a genius when it comes to ‘food’. Even Junsu-yah is a genius when it comes to ‘video games’. Even Jaejae-ah is a genius when it comes to ‘cook’. Even leader Yunho-yah is a genius when it comes to ‘i-don’t-know-where-i-left-my-wallet’. Even Yoochunnie is a genius when it comes to ‘seduce-girls-and-let-them-swoon-in-your-feet’.

Now here's the list:

"My Page"
Lyrics & Composition: Junsu

Lyrics & Composition: Junsu

Lyricist: Yunho

"Fox Rain"
Composer: Yoochun

"My Girlfriend" [TRICK]
Lyric & Composition: Yoochun

"Rainy Night" [TRICK]
Composer: Junsu

"Evergreen" [SMTown Winter 2007 Album]
Lyricist: Changmin
Composer: Yoochun

"Whisper Of.." [Yoochun & Yunho talk track for Hi Ya Ya]
Lyricist: Yoochun

"Holding Back The Tears" [OST Vacation]
Lyricist: Yoochun

"Stand By U" [28th Japanese Single]
Lyrics & Composition: Junsu

"네 곁에 숨쉴 수 있다면" (White Lie) [2nd Album Rising Sun]
Lyrics & Composition: Junsu

"Love After Love" [2nd Album Rising Sun]
Rap lyricist: Yoochun, Yunho & Junsu

"Phantom" [3rd Album “O”-Jung.Ban.Hap.]
Rap lyricist: Yoochun

"Kissしたまま、さよなら" (As We Kiss Goodbye) [3rd Japanese Album T Disc 2]
Lyricist: Yoochun
Composition: Yoochun & Jaejoong

"Wrong Number" [4th Album Mirotic]
Rap lyricist: Yunho & Jaejoong

"Love in the Ice" (Korean version) [4th Album Mirotic]
Lyricist: Changmin

"사랑아 울지마" (Don't Cry My Lover) [4th Album Mirotic]
Lyrics & Composition: Jaejoong

"사랑 안녕 사랑" (Love Bye Love) [4th Album Mirotic]
Lyrics & Composition: Yoochun

"노을..바라보다" (Picture of You) [4th Album Mirotic]
Lyrics & Composition: Junsu

"忘れないで" (Don’t Forget) [4th Japanese Album The Secret Code]
Lyrics & Composition: Jaejoong

"Kiss the Baby Sky" [4th Japanese Album The Secret Code]
Lyric & Composition: Yoochun

"9095" [4th Japanese Album The Secret Code]
Composer: Jaejoong

Gah, I never realized that Susu made so many song by himself! But for me Yoochun and BooJae are still the best. I mean… Kissしたまま、さよなら is something that would make you attempt suicide.

Somehow I feel like I forget to include something important.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009
i've been thinking lately.. @ 6:22 PM

I’ve been asking these questions to myself lately.

“Is there any band you like?”

A hella lot.

But if I change the question to; “Is there any band you like enough to call yourself as a fan?”

I grinned.

So after minutes of thinking I jumped into this conclusion. My love and care and attention to DBSK and The Grace are bigger than for other bands. So I think I’ll just use the two names, Cassie and Shapley, and drop the rest. I dunno much about SJ, or Big Bang, or After School, even BoA enough to consider myself as their fan. I like their music and personality and performance and all, but that’s just not enough for me to keep my love for them… unlike DBSK and The Grace.

Although people said bad things about DBSK I still love them. I just adore them. I already knew some facts that maybe would make people pull theirselves away from the boys, but I didn’t. It’s just too late to draw back. I fell to deep.

So here I am, a Cassie and Shapley.

And so fucking damn proud.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009
i can tolerate jaesu~ @ 10:09 PM

And this is Jaesu!

I’m beginning to like Jaesu. My comfort zone, of course, still Yunjae and Yoosu but I’m starting to tolerate Yunchun (2U) and Jaesu. Yunho and Yoochun for me are more like brothers, and Yoochun receives much love from leader-sshi! Jaejoong and Junsu were rumored that they don’t go well with each other but that’s just a silly assumption. Here, take a look:

Both have milky skin, both have doe-like eyes, both have nice-figured slender body and they’re the most girly members of DBSK! No wonder why Yoochun and Yunho are so into them XD

I can’t tolerate Jaechun, Hosu, Jaemin, Minsu, Homin and Yoomin (basically everything ended with ‘Min’. I’m sorry Changminnie >.<)


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yoosu time! @ 9:52 PM


For the sake of my poor fangirl thoughts, I need to see them kissing or a smexing would be nice :D
Junsu looks very cute with that speaking eyes and smile (*nosebleed*) and his beloved Park Yoochun glued his cheek to Junsu’s :D
Oh my poor fangirl heart can’t wait for MOAR!

Park Yoochun, a Junsu-mania? Yes he definitely is.

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믿어요 @ 2nd asia tour concert "o" @ 6:59 PM

Finally! Now I know that Cassies were screaming "I'll wait for you" to each members! XD
So touching, I almost cried watching this T_T
Dongbangshinki saranghaeyo... yongwonhi <333

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009
在你的怀中 @ 3:46 AM

I dunno why I keep crying whenever I listen to 张力尹/Zhang Li Yin’s 星愿(read: xing yuan/I Will).

I’d go for hours just to listen to this song, although I don’t understand the exact meaning of this song word by word… but the reff part is really touching and I’d be crying in no time. Melancholic, it is. And where the hell is she now? There’s no rumors or news about her these days. I’m tired facing SNSD or T-Ara or WG news everytime I arrive at a forum or something like that.

Short post for now, too lazy to write.
*runs to listen to I Will*

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Sunday, June 7, 2009
talented and underrated @ 5:34 PM

I dunno why I keep writing about this topic, but sometimes it hurts to see people with looks and voices which are so beautiful aren’t so famous. Maybe this is why some of my whitefluffies don’t like K-Pop at all; because people with slutty/sweet looks are more profitable than mature looks. Although they sing like some strangled, asphyxiated ugly ducklings, they are more worth-selling. The younger the better. More sluts mean more money.

Many people love Wonder Girls, but for me they’re a bit overrated. They can’t really sing, and when the first time I heard Sohee singing I was like “Don’t Koreans have any better voice?” Seriously. They’re not that attractive to me, I don’t know what people see in them. Of course, leader Min can sing and is heroic and blah, Yoobin raps like hella and Ye Eun’s voice isn’t bad too, but I never go well with Sohee and Sunmi. When they’re on stage, too, they somehow don’t look ‘free’ and unnaturally too careful. I hate these types of perfs. So until now I’m not so into them.

I won’t write SNSD in this note, I’m not in the mood. I’ve wrote some of them in my older posts anyways.

So if I make a list of girlbands/ female singer quality, for me it goes like this:

1. CSJH The Grace

2. BoA

3. Lyn

4. Davichi

5. 2NE1

6. After School

7. Wonder Girls



Honestly I can’t decide who’d be the top of my list, but I chose The Grace because they have powerful voice and very stable. And people, if you don’t know who Lyn () is, her real name is Lee Sejin (이세진). I love her song “사랑.. 거짓말 (Love... It's All Lies)”; people try that one!

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Saturday, June 6, 2009
my top 5 dongbangtoho ballad songlist @ 8:27 PM

I always post with uncatchy (is this even a word) title, don’t I? I suck at this, really. Anyways my friends had already done with their own list, so I think it’s my turn now :) This is about my top 5 ballad songs by DBSK/THSK/TVXQ (whatever you prefer to name)…

5. One (Korean Ver.)
I like the Korean version better than Japanese one. The original version of this song is in Japanese, but ever since I watched the 2nd Asia Tour ‘O’ Concert the Kor Ver. has gotten into me. My favorite part is when the fans screaming something to the members, I have no idea what they were saying because I’m still deaf with Korean. I asked my fellas and they dunno either. And I love Yoochun’s last part when he raised his tone to give a touching end~ XD

4. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(Why Did I Fall In Love With You?)
This one has verrry deep meaning and don’t listen to this song in a puppy-sad mood or else you’ll attempt suicide *gets smacked*Hey, I’m telling you the truth. Their voices blended nicely when they sing this one. I don’t really like the MV, though.

3. Proud
Ohkay, I think you guys already know why I really love this song. Yep, it’s because Yoochun and Junsu’s tears at Budokan. This is touching. They worked their asses off to be where they are now.
“… and at Budokan, in front of so many fans… we couldn’t help but cried.” Gods, bless their soul.

2. Flower Lady
Idk if ‘Flower Lady’ can be categorized as ballad, but since it isn’t humpy-tumpy like Mirotic or Are You A Good Girl, well… just let this one be. I personally love Yoochun’s “La la la la la la la” part, it makes the song sounds so catchy and beautiful. I love how they sang many parts together, not just Jaejoong alone or Changmin alone or Junsu alone ot Yunho alone. And you know what? I implied many… uh… 'elements' of this song to the blog’s layout :D

1. Kissしたまま,さよなら(As We Kiss Goodbye)
Now here is the real killer. Made by Yoochun and Jaejoong, this song brings back memories from my previous relationships and affects me personally. What a heartbreaking song. And breath-taking at the same time. Very mellow and hard to sing, but they succeeded to sing it perfectly.

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Friday, June 5, 2009
another antis.. @ 1:58 PM

Seriously, these fellas who are really getting on my nerve. How could they say that DBSK are arrogant?! They’re the most humble, modest, down-to-earth and well-mannered artist I know! They said that when she and her friends came to Korea, they asked DBSK for their autographs but Jaejoong scolded them and they were so disappointed. I’ve heard some rumors of DBSK being rude, but weren’t that the fans’ mistakes? They won’t be so angry if the fans didn’t do anything wrong. The fans could be disturbing at that time, sneaking in their privacy and how could someone won’t be mad?! I won’t blame DBSK for this, they won’t be mad if there’s no reason. I know that Yoochun once took a girl’s camera because she wanted to take his photos, but she was too close and it disturbed Yoochun. So he took her camera but quickly gave it back to the girl. Many people who were standing with her at that time admitted that she was just too close.

Another rumor is that when two girls were in the backstage, they went to male’s restroom and waited for Changmin. They said Changmin scolded them, and they were very angry. HELLO?! How could someone won’t be mad if you are a MALE and outside there are TWO GIRLS waiting for you next to the MALE’S RESTROOM?! I can’t choose if I should laugh or cry, this is just ridiculous.

So people, before you blame someone why don’t you get yourself a mirror? Ask yourself; “Have I been good at all?” If someone’s mad at you don’t make a rushed conclusion that “they’re a bunch of fucking snob singers,” and “they’re famous and rich now, so that’s why they act like some freaking arrogant assholes.” They won’t be angry if there’s no reason to. Maybe it’s not them who have a problem but YOU.

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i bitch so what~ @ 1:54 PM

I’ve just checked my email and I got an annoying comment about what I’ve written in blog. Apparently she’s one of the shitdae fans.

“… don’t make us mad because of your comments, which I think is stupid.”

Now let’s see, I’ll list all her sayings in this note, and for sure, I’ll rebut all of them. You’ll see who is stupid here. You’ll see who’ll laugh at the end.

“I’m a fan of SNSD, Suju and DBSK… ‘cos I think they’re talented and TOP (despite their gossips and badness.)

Let’s see honeybun, you are a fan of DBSK and you said they’re talented. I couldn’t be more agree with you darling. I’m also a dongbang lover, if it wasn’t them I might be never fall in love with kpop world. You’re also an ELF, me too, Suju can entertain and their last album is fantastic. But SNSD? Talented? For real? I give you a chance to think again.

(It’s the time for you to think)

(Think again…)

(Think much?)

TALENTED MY ASS. D’ya think that repeating the word “Gee Gee Gee Gee” for centuries could be considered as a true singing talent? D’ya think computerized and edited all of their songs would make listeners think it sounds better? D’ya think took someone’s duet place and lipsynching during the perf while your duet partner didn’t is something good? It doesn’t even touch the border of good. I bet you haven’t seen The Grace’s One More Time, OK? (The Grace again, yes, they’re the best girlband alive) or My Everything. Check youtube once for a while to check those out, will you? You’ll see what true talent is.

“… for the author, be wise, ‘cause maybe you’re a fan of Suju but don’t bash other artists especially the ones from the same management…”

To tell the truth, there are two reasons behind the first time I hate SNSD. One, they stole CSJH’s balloon color and did nothing to fix that. Two, their saying about ‘performing together all the nine’ made Leeteuk cries because they were hinting that they were insinuating their sunbae. Maybe, just maybe, if Suju insinuated SNSD that time I’d be an anti of Suju, but hell no, it’s SNSD who said something harsh and hurt other people. Another sense of stupidity. Be a peace maker? Soshit started the fight. I can’t just sit down and be patient.

“… to those who bashed SNSD… You better realize that it isn’t easy for them too. They have to be apart from their family…”

That’s a very common thing happens to kpop artists, dearie. Do you know when Jaejoong was still a trainee and worked in a restaurant as waiter, he had to eat a customer’s leftover because he was starving for two days and didn’t have any money? Do you happen to know how guilty Yoochun felt to bring his parents with him back to Korea, left their secured life in the US to reach his dream as a singer? They also had a burden of proof for the family, not just shitdae. Many people are more suffering than them. But shitdae, being weaklings and self-centered and egoistical, never ashamed to tell other people “I’m sick,” or “I’m tired and lonely.” If they wish for me and other fellas out there’s sympathy… they failed.

“Just admit that you hate them because you’re JEALOUS of SNSD, jealousy means incapability hehehe…”

Tralala trilili.I dunno whether to laugh or cry at the word ‘jealous’. Me? Jealous because of them? Are you for real? Let’s start with their faces, what makes you think I’d be jealous of those plastic covered fake faces? And some of them are stil ugly anyways. I’m pretty the way I am, I don’t need any plastic to be beautiful. And so my fellas. We’ll never ever be jealous of plastic trashes. Next, their ‘perfect slim legs’ in those colored skinny jeans. Sone said that they were dieting to have such skinny legs. But if you think carefully how someone could lose so many pounds in a very short term?

Liposuction, fer sher.

Last thing for now, their voices. No, I ain’t jealous because of their voices. I’m jealous of Dana’s voice. And Stephanie and Lina and Sunday. And Park Bom. And Jungah. Those nine kuntis’ voices aren’t something like threat or what for my fave girls.

I’m letting you know that SNSD won’t love you back no matter how much you love them. They threw away fans’ letters and gifts. It’s not something pleasant that we expect from such ‘idol group’, is it? So, you see the points now right? I’d fight back anyone who tells me stupid for hating SNSD.

Enuff for now.

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i just love him @ 1:52 PM

WARNING: This note was written in a 9095-addicted-mode-on, the song made me feel like… like this. Duh. Oh, the reason why I heart 9095 because… Jaejoong included French which is my fave language on it :]

As usual, be careful for imperfect English and grammatical errors. And the very lebay taste of fangirling.


So, I’m in love with this guy. Again.

He makes me fall for him twice.

The way he moves his body traps me in delirium, his expressions are priceless, his face is something addicting to look at, his body is a true meaning of sexiness. Even the word ‘sexy’ couldn’t describe him.

He’s so good at making people respect and love him. The first thing he does to make other people respect him, I noticed, is to respect them first.

During his trainee days, he worked his ass off to pay for the lessons and also to support his family. If he was tired and suffering from illness or injured, he’d go to the toilet and cried by himself, and he’d go back to practice as if nothing happened. He’s a hard worker, tough and independent. He would never let anyone worry because of him.

He’s a loving person. He placed his family and beloved one that have place in his heart first, and then his band members. They’re the one who he wants to protect the most. When a member was sick, he cried more than the sick person because he knew how painful it is. When their manager came up with lunch boxes, he’d be the one to wait for others and choose the last box. When there was only one bottle of water, he would let others to drink it first. He’d take the last turn and never complained of his smaller portion compared to his band mates. He’d be the one whom others could talk to, he’d listen to their problems and give solutions. Also when his band mate was rumored that he’d leave the group, it was him who said bravely and surely, “I won’t allow any member to leave.”

He, as the leader of the band is tough and always does the best for his fans. During a concert in Malaysia, he faked and fooled everyone as if he was okay but actually he was in suffer because of his dislocated ankles. Also he happened to remove his cast when he was injured and went to the stage and gave his best performance to everyone. And the result was…? His hands were bleeding during the perf, and when they were all finished, his hands were unable to move. Swollen and bruised.

At an award ceremony, his members were crying their hearts out. He stayed strong; he bit his bottom lip to hold back his emotions and did the thank-you-speech. But the time they reached backstage, he cried the most, more than all other members combined. He knew his band’s hard work would be paid someday; he was the proudest one of them because he felt all the pain, the burden, the responsibility to lead the group.

He, a very famous artist in Korea, isn’t someone snob because of his status. He is humble and modest and down-to-earth. He never considers himself as someone that should be praised all the time. As if he’s nobody special. He thanked everyone who has worked with him, even if that meant that he had to drag his injured leg along to thank the crews one by one. He gratefully bowed to the staffs and other singers, a fan admitted that she saw him bowed to the crew with nobody left. He bowed 18 times.

So, despite he’s a true sexy god in human form, he’s known to be a very modest and grateful person, his care for his members are obvious, his love and endurance and dedication to his fans are unmistakable. He loves his fans back the way they do, and that’s only one of million things why we love him.

And his name is Jung Yunho.


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Wednesday, June 3, 2009
why do i hate sonyuhshitdae? @ 4:08 PM

WARNING: This note contains many words that may not appropriate for minors, explicit, obvious loathe for SNSD (So Nyuh Shi Dae/Seo Nyeo Shi Dae) and grammatical errors. (Read: I curse a lot, I hate SNSD so damn much and I still don’t master English :P) So if you don’t feel like you’re going to like this, please don’t read, there are reasons why they placed an exit button up there on your browser. Don’t you dare to harm people I tagged or other artists beside the sonyets. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

So I hate Soshi because…

1. Simply stupid and talentless. They proclaimed their selves as singers, and they can’t actually sing. Offkeys and shrills are common incidents happen to them. Oh, so very convenient since the ability to sing is ESSENTIAL for singers. Can they dance? Yes, one of them can, but not the rest.

2. VERRRY BIG MOUTHS. They insinuated and made fun of their seniors, insulted other singers and said bad things about other people. To make it worse, some seniors they mocked are the ones who protected and made up for SNSD’s mistakes. Pfft. SNSD is a mistake.

3. They are copycats and stealers. They stole their senior’s balloon color, the pearl pink one, and they actually already had one. EGOISTS. ARROGANTS. And when people complained about this they DID NOTHING. “Just sit down and relax” really doesn’t work this time.

4. They even threw their fans’ gifts to garbage bins. THEIR FANS’ GIFTS. FANS’. To those who read this and still a fan of SNSD, please, pray to God to make your minds a bit “enlightened”.

5. WHORES. They ripped their skirts and show their underwear. This sure made a lot of fanboys and ahjusshis happy. Wait, that’s the purpose of the making of SNSD; to be a pedo-bait group and slutty eye-candies. But not for me and other rational, sane people.

6. They’re the reason why their agency now is suffering from deficit. The factor which caused many reality shows they appeared on went down and failed. Research proved that 96.7% TV audiences don’t want to watch SNSD. Oh bless my soul!

7. They serve their fans badly. They don’t bother to give any photo shoot and signing moments or humbly wave to the supposedly people they love. BIG HEADS.So loving SNSD is such a waste, they won’t love you back. Even their juniors could do better than them.

8. Sone (their fans’ name) isn’t something good either. They tore down other singers’ posters at concerts, they drunk at supposedly family-events, they smack other group’s fans with baseball bats, they blocked other group’s fans view, they think they’re all superiors but hell no. They’re harsh and they keep a taste of stupidity in their living body.

Now see the points? Both idol and fans are brainless, simply talentless, big mouths, rude, copycats, thieves, whores, pedo-baits, plastic garbage, arrogant, they feel superior but speak the truth they’re not even an inch close to that. So SNSD, back off and don’t make a bigger fool of yourselves than you already have. Like my unnie said, SONYET SHIT DIE.

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