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for the pain of falling rain
an umbrella to avoid the rain
i couldn't prepare
like a fool;
여우비 (Fox Rain) - 동방신기;

Friday, June 5, 2009
another antis.. @ 1:58 PM

Seriously, these fellas who are really getting on my nerve. How could they say that DBSK are arrogant?! They’re the most humble, modest, down-to-earth and well-mannered artist I know! They said that when she and her friends came to Korea, they asked DBSK for their autographs but Jaejoong scolded them and they were so disappointed. I’ve heard some rumors of DBSK being rude, but weren’t that the fans’ mistakes? They won’t be so angry if the fans didn’t do anything wrong. The fans could be disturbing at that time, sneaking in their privacy and how could someone won’t be mad?! I won’t blame DBSK for this, they won’t be mad if there’s no reason. I know that Yoochun once took a girl’s camera because she wanted to take his photos, but she was too close and it disturbed Yoochun. So he took her camera but quickly gave it back to the girl. Many people who were standing with her at that time admitted that she was just too close.

Another rumor is that when two girls were in the backstage, they went to male’s restroom and waited for Changmin. They said Changmin scolded them, and they were very angry. HELLO?! How could someone won’t be mad if you are a MALE and outside there are TWO GIRLS waiting for you next to the MALE’S RESTROOM?! I can’t choose if I should laugh or cry, this is just ridiculous.

So people, before you blame someone why don’t you get yourself a mirror? Ask yourself; “Have I been good at all?” If someone’s mad at you don’t make a rushed conclusion that “they’re a bunch of fucking snob singers,” and “they’re famous and rich now, so that’s why they act like some freaking arrogant assholes.” They won’t be angry if there’s no reason to. Maybe it’s not them who have a problem but YOU.

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