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for the pain of falling rain
an umbrella to avoid the rain
i couldn't prepare
like a fool;
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Friday, June 5, 2009
i just love him @ 1:52 PM

WARNING: This note was written in a 9095-addicted-mode-on, the song made me feel like… like this. Duh. Oh, the reason why I heart 9095 because… Jaejoong included French which is my fave language on it :]

As usual, be careful for imperfect English and grammatical errors. And the very lebay taste of fangirling.


So, I’m in love with this guy. Again.

He makes me fall for him twice.

The way he moves his body traps me in delirium, his expressions are priceless, his face is something addicting to look at, his body is a true meaning of sexiness. Even the word ‘sexy’ couldn’t describe him.

He’s so good at making people respect and love him. The first thing he does to make other people respect him, I noticed, is to respect them first.

During his trainee days, he worked his ass off to pay for the lessons and also to support his family. If he was tired and suffering from illness or injured, he’d go to the toilet and cried by himself, and he’d go back to practice as if nothing happened. He’s a hard worker, tough and independent. He would never let anyone worry because of him.

He’s a loving person. He placed his family and beloved one that have place in his heart first, and then his band members. They’re the one who he wants to protect the most. When a member was sick, he cried more than the sick person because he knew how painful it is. When their manager came up with lunch boxes, he’d be the one to wait for others and choose the last box. When there was only one bottle of water, he would let others to drink it first. He’d take the last turn and never complained of his smaller portion compared to his band mates. He’d be the one whom others could talk to, he’d listen to their problems and give solutions. Also when his band mate was rumored that he’d leave the group, it was him who said bravely and surely, “I won’t allow any member to leave.”

He, as the leader of the band is tough and always does the best for his fans. During a concert in Malaysia, he faked and fooled everyone as if he was okay but actually he was in suffer because of his dislocated ankles. Also he happened to remove his cast when he was injured and went to the stage and gave his best performance to everyone. And the result was…? His hands were bleeding during the perf, and when they were all finished, his hands were unable to move. Swollen and bruised.

At an award ceremony, his members were crying their hearts out. He stayed strong; he bit his bottom lip to hold back his emotions and did the thank-you-speech. But the time they reached backstage, he cried the most, more than all other members combined. He knew his band’s hard work would be paid someday; he was the proudest one of them because he felt all the pain, the burden, the responsibility to lead the group.

He, a very famous artist in Korea, isn’t someone snob because of his status. He is humble and modest and down-to-earth. He never considers himself as someone that should be praised all the time. As if he’s nobody special. He thanked everyone who has worked with him, even if that meant that he had to drag his injured leg along to thank the crews one by one. He gratefully bowed to the staffs and other singers, a fan admitted that she saw him bowed to the crew with nobody left. He bowed 18 times.

So, despite he’s a true sexy god in human form, he’s known to be a very modest and grateful person, his care for his members are obvious, his love and endurance and dedication to his fans are unmistakable. He loves his fans back the way they do, and that’s only one of million things why we love him.

And his name is Jung Yunho.


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