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keep believe;

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words chain melody

for the pain of falling rain
an umbrella to avoid the rain
i couldn't prepare
like a fool;
여우비 (Fox Rain) - 동방신기;

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
i've been thinking lately.. @ 6:22 PM

I’ve been asking these questions to myself lately.

“Is there any band you like?”

A hella lot.

But if I change the question to; “Is there any band you like enough to call yourself as a fan?”

I grinned.

So after minutes of thinking I jumped into this conclusion. My love and care and attention to DBSK and The Grace are bigger than for other bands. So I think I’ll just use the two names, Cassie and Shapley, and drop the rest. I dunno much about SJ, or Big Bang, or After School, even BoA enough to consider myself as their fan. I like their music and personality and performance and all, but that’s just not enough for me to keep my love for them… unlike DBSK and The Grace.

Although people said bad things about DBSK I still love them. I just adore them. I already knew some facts that maybe would make people pull theirselves away from the boys, but I didn’t. It’s just too late to draw back. I fell to deep.

So here I am, a Cassie and Shapley.

And so fucking damn proud.

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