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like a fool;
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Friday, June 5, 2009
i bitch so what~ @ 1:54 PM

I’ve just checked my email and I got an annoying comment about what I’ve written in blog. Apparently she’s one of the shitdae fans.

“… don’t make us mad because of your comments, which I think is stupid.”

Now let’s see, I’ll list all her sayings in this note, and for sure, I’ll rebut all of them. You’ll see who is stupid here. You’ll see who’ll laugh at the end.

“I’m a fan of SNSD, Suju and DBSK… ‘cos I think they’re talented and TOP (despite their gossips and badness.)

Let’s see honeybun, you are a fan of DBSK and you said they’re talented. I couldn’t be more agree with you darling. I’m also a dongbang lover, if it wasn’t them I might be never fall in love with kpop world. You’re also an ELF, me too, Suju can entertain and their last album is fantastic. But SNSD? Talented? For real? I give you a chance to think again.

(It’s the time for you to think)

(Think again…)

(Think much?)

TALENTED MY ASS. D’ya think that repeating the word “Gee Gee Gee Gee” for centuries could be considered as a true singing talent? D’ya think computerized and edited all of their songs would make listeners think it sounds better? D’ya think took someone’s duet place and lipsynching during the perf while your duet partner didn’t is something good? It doesn’t even touch the border of good. I bet you haven’t seen The Grace’s One More Time, OK? (The Grace again, yes, they’re the best girlband alive) or My Everything. Check youtube once for a while to check those out, will you? You’ll see what true talent is.

“… for the author, be wise, ‘cause maybe you’re a fan of Suju but don’t bash other artists especially the ones from the same management…”

To tell the truth, there are two reasons behind the first time I hate SNSD. One, they stole CSJH’s balloon color and did nothing to fix that. Two, their saying about ‘performing together all the nine’ made Leeteuk cries because they were hinting that they were insinuating their sunbae. Maybe, just maybe, if Suju insinuated SNSD that time I’d be an anti of Suju, but hell no, it’s SNSD who said something harsh and hurt other people. Another sense of stupidity. Be a peace maker? Soshit started the fight. I can’t just sit down and be patient.

“… to those who bashed SNSD… You better realize that it isn’t easy for them too. They have to be apart from their family…”

That’s a very common thing happens to kpop artists, dearie. Do you know when Jaejoong was still a trainee and worked in a restaurant as waiter, he had to eat a customer’s leftover because he was starving for two days and didn’t have any money? Do you happen to know how guilty Yoochun felt to bring his parents with him back to Korea, left their secured life in the US to reach his dream as a singer? They also had a burden of proof for the family, not just shitdae. Many people are more suffering than them. But shitdae, being weaklings and self-centered and egoistical, never ashamed to tell other people “I’m sick,” or “I’m tired and lonely.” If they wish for me and other fellas out there’s sympathy… they failed.

“Just admit that you hate them because you’re JEALOUS of SNSD, jealousy means incapability hehehe…”

Tralala trilili.I dunno whether to laugh or cry at the word ‘jealous’. Me? Jealous because of them? Are you for real? Let’s start with their faces, what makes you think I’d be jealous of those plastic covered fake faces? And some of them are stil ugly anyways. I’m pretty the way I am, I don’t need any plastic to be beautiful. And so my fellas. We’ll never ever be jealous of plastic trashes. Next, their ‘perfect slim legs’ in those colored skinny jeans. Sone said that they were dieting to have such skinny legs. But if you think carefully how someone could lose so many pounds in a very short term?

Liposuction, fer sher.

Last thing for now, their voices. No, I ain’t jealous because of their voices. I’m jealous of Dana’s voice. And Stephanie and Lina and Sunday. And Park Bom. And Jungah. Those nine kuntis’ voices aren’t something like threat or what for my fave girls.

I’m letting you know that SNSD won’t love you back no matter how much you love them. They threw away fans’ letters and gifts. It’s not something pleasant that we expect from such ‘idol group’, is it? So, you see the points now right? I’d fight back anyone who tells me stupid for hating SNSD.

Enuff for now.

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