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for the pain of falling rain
an umbrella to avoid the rain
i couldn't prepare
like a fool;
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Friday, June 26, 2009
steph alone is better than all of them together~ @ 6:31 PM

So there’s this guy who really wants me to rip his throat.

He said he’s an anti-CSJH from Philippines… and guess what? He is a SONE.

You obtuse creatures just won’t stop, will you? Why are you still supporting the nine living brainless plastic dolls, and mock other artists which are FAR MORE TALENTED than SoShit? Are you blind, retarded, insane or what?

You said that Stephanie date Yunho to gain more popularity. Are you nuts? Most of netizens don’t even know that they’re dating! There are many Shapley who just knew Steph and Yun are together and if I never told them, maybe they won’t know this at all. And before they knew it, they’re fans of CSJH already! See, CSJH are famous because of their voice and moves, not scandal. Not like Shitdae.

You also think her dance is like a stripper’s. Ha, don’t make laugh. She does her sexy moves with skill, you know. Hers are smooth, wavy and flexible, not every people in the earth do hip hop dance! And your mind is just too full with Shitdae’s not-so-impressive and supposed-to-be-cute-but-not dances. Even my friends who are dancers could do better than Shitdae. Those nine residues were helped by their repetitive songs (and repetitive songs are originally Wonder Girls’ mark, actually), simple dances (you better thank the choreographer) and the power of LSM.

And so what if Stephanie posed for Maxim? She is a legal, anyways! Are you afraid that your Soshit could never be as sexy as her? As beautiful, slender, well-mannered, talented and original like her? I bet you are. You’re afraid that people will like CSJH more than those morons. FYI, they already are. CSJH often wear sexy outfits when they perform, and you said that they sell their bodies to look sexy so people will like them. Hune, the first CSJH’s MV is My Everything, and I fell in love with them since then. They don’t have to wear verrry short pants or what to make people turn their gazes on them, hell no. When they put on those sexy costumes on stage they never show any panties, not like your Shitdae. Shitdae are nothing more than pedo-baits created by SME.

Even if all the nine gather their talents together, still not even touch the border of Steph’s own, alone.

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