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for the pain of falling rain
an umbrella to avoid the rain
i couldn't prepare
like a fool;
여우비 (Fox Rain) - 동방신기;

Wednesday, June 24, 2009
well, another thoughts.. @ 8:50 PM

I don’t like Super Junior like I used to.

These days I’m very much into DBSK more than any other artists, I dunno why. Of course there are still many CassiElf, which means they are both fans of DBSK and SJ, but me… I consider myself as Cassie only.

I just don’t know what’s so good in SJ that make them more popular from DBSK now. I mean, from their first and second album, I don’t think they have any good song to be compared to DBSK’s. I began to like their music since the 3rd Album Sorry, Sorry and that’s for real. But also it’s very much because they sing more catchy and easy songs, not because they have right skill to make uncatchy ones good to hear. As for DBSK… hell, they can sing a six-minutes-long song without me getting bored of it. And as a plus, they wrote or composed many songs which people like by themselves.

And I’m tired of Jungsoo’s whines such as “… it’s lonely, right?” or “I’m an angel who lost his wings” etc. Oh, come on. Have you ever been to Japan and working for four years of pains and when finally you got to go to Tokyo Dome, another boyband which isn’t as good and hardworking as you will also go to there? The best thing of DBSK, as I learned to get to know them better, is they’re all hardworkers as if they were made from steel. They never complain and whine. They didn’t say “I feel lonely and tired,” or “I need a break, me and my bandmates are tired,” several months after their success, HELL FUCKING NO. They continued to bury their heads and butts in work, work, and more work. They supported each other when they’re on fall, and they cried on each other’s shoulder when they succeeded. Their tears were made by pains, hardwork, and grateful joy in the end.

Jungsoo was voted as best leader, Taeyeon number two (ohfuck) and our Yunnie bear in the third place. But for me, Jung U-Know Yunho is the best leader and man alive.

And nothing would change that.

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