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for the pain of falling rain
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i couldn't prepare
like a fool;
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009
why do i hate sonyuhshitdae? @ 4:08 PM

WARNING: This note contains many words that may not appropriate for minors, explicit, obvious loathe for SNSD (So Nyuh Shi Dae/Seo Nyeo Shi Dae) and grammatical errors. (Read: I curse a lot, I hate SNSD so damn much and I still don’t master English :P) So if you don’t feel like you’re going to like this, please don’t read, there are reasons why they placed an exit button up there on your browser. Don’t you dare to harm people I tagged or other artists beside the sonyets. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

So I hate Soshi because…

1. Simply stupid and talentless. They proclaimed their selves as singers, and they can’t actually sing. Offkeys and shrills are common incidents happen to them. Oh, so very convenient since the ability to sing is ESSENTIAL for singers. Can they dance? Yes, one of them can, but not the rest.

2. VERRRY BIG MOUTHS. They insinuated and made fun of their seniors, insulted other singers and said bad things about other people. To make it worse, some seniors they mocked are the ones who protected and made up for SNSD’s mistakes. Pfft. SNSD is a mistake.

3. They are copycats and stealers. They stole their senior’s balloon color, the pearl pink one, and they actually already had one. EGOISTS. ARROGANTS. And when people complained about this they DID NOTHING. “Just sit down and relax” really doesn’t work this time.

4. They even threw their fans’ gifts to garbage bins. THEIR FANS’ GIFTS. FANS’. To those who read this and still a fan of SNSD, please, pray to God to make your minds a bit “enlightened”.

5. WHORES. They ripped their skirts and show their underwear. This sure made a lot of fanboys and ahjusshis happy. Wait, that’s the purpose of the making of SNSD; to be a pedo-bait group and slutty eye-candies. But not for me and other rational, sane people.

6. They’re the reason why their agency now is suffering from deficit. The factor which caused many reality shows they appeared on went down and failed. Research proved that 96.7% TV audiences don’t want to watch SNSD. Oh bless my soul!

7. They serve their fans badly. They don’t bother to give any photo shoot and signing moments or humbly wave to the supposedly people they love. BIG HEADS.So loving SNSD is such a waste, they won’t love you back. Even their juniors could do better than them.

8. Sone (their fans’ name) isn’t something good either. They tore down other singers’ posters at concerts, they drunk at supposedly family-events, they smack other group’s fans with baseball bats, they blocked other group’s fans view, they think they’re all superiors but hell no. They’re harsh and they keep a taste of stupidity in their living body.

Now see the points? Both idol and fans are brainless, simply talentless, big mouths, rude, copycats, thieves, whores, pedo-baits, plastic garbage, arrogant, they feel superior but speak the truth they’re not even an inch close to that. So SNSD, back off and don’t make a bigger fool of yourselves than you already have. Like my unnie said, SONYET SHIT DIE.

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