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Saturday, September 26, 2009
Top 5 CSJH The Grace Songs~ @ 10:58 AM

I can’t describe how much I feel guilty for neglecting this blog. Haha.

So if there’s anyone who still interested to read this shit, well I want to talk about my favorite songs from this girlband called CSJH The Grace, known as Tenjochiki in Japan or TSZX for international fanbases. I talked about them many times in my previous posts, so I just want to share some breathtaking tracks sung by The Grace… as proofs that I’m not just exaggerating when I say “Damn, The Grace really can sing.”

 5. 그녀들의 수다 (Girlfriend) 

This song is really cheerful and it shows that they are good at singing non-ballad songs, too. They performed this at 프로야구 Allstar Performance and I fell in love instantly *grins* Not as powerful as Piranha or The Club or what, but the sweetness of it really captured my heart xD

 4. Here (Feat. CLIFF EDGE)

My verrry favorite happy birthday song :DDD Gyah, what do I have to say… this song is beautiful and somehow it feels graceful… just pure. Yeah, I think it’s the best word to describe this song, pure. And I have to say this song really resembles the meaning of ‘grace’.

 3. 少しでいいから(A Bit of Good)

This one is breathtaking *facepalms* and heartbreaking at the same time. Not very catchy but this has the meaning of ballad song. The composition and lyrics said it all. I wonder if there’s any other girlband who can sing such song this beautiful.

 2. I’ll Kiss You

Another heart-saver song. Eh? Heart-saver? Yeah, I’ll Kiss You is some kind of… salvationist to me *gets whacked* The harmonization of this song is incredible, I have to say. Beautiful, heartwarming. Just… gyah, I can’t even write proper description. Just beautiful beautiful beautiful. If you decide not to listen to this song, you don’t know how much you waste.

 1. 5cm

“Yeah  baby. I’ve tried to control my feelings for you for a long time.” SERIOUSLY THIS ONE IS A KILLER. Perfect voices and techniques only made this already-overwhelming song into ‘superb’. Superb ballad from them, showing why I call them the best girlband alive. My very favorite part is when they sung ‘… all I want is you baby,” it’s somehow heartbreaking. A MUST HEAR.

That’s all for now. I know there are plenty of new girlbands esp KPop, but The Grace is always on the peak of my top list. I miss them like hell, where in the earth are they?! They are definition of ‘perfection’; voice, dance, techniques, manner and all. They don’t sell bodies and faces like others do, their sexiness is just a plus… an extra factor to their already-marvelous skill and talent.

I choose qualities over quantities.


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