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keep believe;

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words chain melody

for the pain of falling rain
an umbrella to avoid the rain
i couldn't prepare
like a fool;
여우비 (Fox Rain) - 동방신기;

Sunday, November 8, 2009
What Sucks and What's Not @ 7:03 AM

I’ve downloaded some new kpop songs (still early month so the speed is not playing bitch with me XD), some of them good, most of them suck—Chu, Sign, and two 2PM’s songs are… below my expectations. Somehow disappointing. And my current favorite is 실화 (True Story), sung by a veteran singer 린 (Lyn). I’ve heard 사랑..다 거짓말 (Love... It's All Lies) before and instantly fell in love. She is back with her six-and-a-half album “6 ½ New Celebration”. The rest half will be released in 2010 :D She’s good at singing ballads, and the MV somehow reminds me of A Little Bit of Good by CSJH *just where the eff they are now?*

I almost forget that bebe Sanghyun also featured in her MV “New Celebration” :D :D :D the song is pretty good too, although I prefer her ballad songs.

One more thing. I have been and am tired with DBSK’s lawsuit thing, it’s bad for my fandom and fangay health so I decided that I won’t pay attention to unless something really BIG and IMPORTANT happens. About the statement released by SM which made me cry… I cried because I know by heart it wasn’t HoMin’s will to turn their backs on the other three. I know by heart there’s an obstacle which causes leader-sshi cannot say anything about his brothers and the company. I know that the five of them want to be together as always, I know they’ll keep the promise they made in Shanghai. I know it by heart and you should too. I love them unconditionally, and still waiting for them to come back. 時を止めて (Please Stop the Time) is a killer too, sadly, as usual *cries*

I believe that our love has not ended
Stop the time
I want to be by your side forever
I want to hold you more closely to me

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Sunday, November 1, 2009
Sangyeong Lurve ♥ @ 5:41 PM

Hello *waves* back to dump my phail fandom *gets bricked*

Maybe you’re wondering what is Sangyeong. It stands for “Sanghyun x Chulyeong”, the two youngest member of MBLAQ :D *okay I feel my writing style is getting very awkward but I’ll just continue* Anyways, since the beginning I’ve been setting my eyes to them both, not just because they are the pretty rappers of the band or just because they’re the magnaes, but I really did think that they’ll make a great couple and looks good together :) *DAMN MY WRITING STYLE IS JUST… *DIES**

And I officially declared myself as a Sangyeong fan since I saw this photo:

*DIESDIESDIESDIESDIESDIESDIESDIESDIESDIESDIES* SEE I TOLD YOU I TOLD YOU I TOLD YOU I DID TELL YOU THEY’LL MAKE A GREAT COUPLE!!! *FAINTS* THIS IS LIKE A FANTASY COMES TRUE! At first I thought they both are bottoms, especially Sanghyun because he looks like Dara a lot and has a smooth face-line, but, tell you the truth, Sanghyun is nowhere near feminine :D He’s a bit serious and cold. Chulyeong has warm personality, which makes him more likely the feminine and a bottom *gets whacked*

I’m not into Joomi. Yeah, call me a bad fan or what but I think that pairing is a bit forced X(


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