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keep believe;

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words chain melody

for the pain of falling rain
an umbrella to avoid the rain
i couldn't prepare
like a fool;
여우비 (Fox Rain) - 동방신기;

Sunday, January 24, 2010
Two in the Morning @ 1:40 AM


Nuff said.

*will edit when I get my senses back, I’m busy lusting over Lee Changmin right nao*

My senses aren’t completely back yet… but quite enough for me to write this post :D


Left to right: Jinwoon, Changmin, Seulong, Jokwon.

I’ve known 2AM for some times but what totally got me to stand for them was when a stupidnonsenselamejackass said `2AM is just 2PM wannabe`. LLOJP0P3OMLNLK’/M’P JOO;MLHO98-[ML2OY09I]E=POPJ408GB >GU / I WAS LIKE MAD. WHY DOES SUCH MORON STILL WALK ON THE BELOVED MOTHER EARTH?! It’s not even worth to compare, both groups have different music style. You can’t compare a group who sing ballads to a group full of dancers and rappers. Not even. It’s all about taste, jeez. Defrost your freezing brain cells, moron.

So yeah, I fall in love all over again with these four guys with amazing voices. Especially the lead vocal Lee Changmin. I hadn’t have any faintest idea who should be my very favorite member back then, but I saw an episode of Star Golden Bell where he made an appearance, and he sang Inorae (This Song) after Yurisangja and in an instant I went ll9;,3j-]l;myop3u2jklanKghupj ;m;ljp03imlknbhn gt84yh3g82yho *yes another keyboard smash* DAMN HIS VOICE IS A KILLER. I FELL FOR HIM THE VERY SECOND HE BEGAN TO SING AND IN ADDITION HE PLAYED GUITAR TOO NOW TELL ME WHAT IS NOT ENOUGH FOR ME TO ADORE.


Here's the vid:

Well he’s not exactly a good-looking guy XD but why should I care about looks when his voice only is sex already? Not to mention the famous well-toned muscular body *nosebleeds* Men’s Health would never regret using him as a cover model XD

Smmmokin’ hawt.

My senses and sanity aren’t coming back, are they?

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